The Fitbit Versa 2 is a solid fitness tracker but lacks smartwatch features

Wearables have ended up being the basic nowadays, giving users insight into their everyday movement and making tracking workouts simpler than ever. By now there are great deals of choices, nevertheless the reasonably overwhelming market suggests theres a gadget that can fit into your activity and lifestyle choices. Believe: Do you simply wish to know how fast you ran that mile or do you prefer your device to expose you texts and recommend you of meetings?
While Ive tested other Fitbit devices and currently own an Apple Watch, the Versa line of items is brand-new to me, so I excitedly expected explore the Versa 2. Its the most cost reliable smartwatch choice that Fitbit offers, so those searching for a wearable that incorporates the strong details the trademark name is comprehended for might have an interest in attempting it out.
The Versa 2 strikes a balance in between daily activity tracking and more extensive health info. Theres a lot to enter into, however Ill cover the most popular functions and the ones I found myself utilizing typically.

Inexpensive – In-depth – however easy to comprehend – Large display screen – Water-resistant

Depend upon your phone for GPS – Cant react to calls or send out texts – No real-time blood oxygen level screen

The Fitbit app is required in order to use the Fitbit, and its completely complimentary (a premium variation is provided to acquire access to more functions, however I didnt discover this required). The apps are limited to whats easily available within the Fitbit app, nevertheless there is actually a respectable range of choices. The Fitbit app is required in order to utilize the Fitbit, and its completely complimentary (a premium variation is offered to get access to more functions, however I didnt find this necessary). I select Fitbits incorporated sleeping tracker over the Apple Watch, which is my usual go-to (Apple Watch needs a third-party app). The apps are restricted to whats readily available within the Fitbit app, but there is actually a pretty great range of choices.


Fitbits heart rate zones.

Readying up with the Fitbit Versa 2
The Fitbit app is needed in order to utilize the Fitbit, and its totally complimentary (a premium variation is used to get access to more functions, but I didnt discover this required). Depending on the range of updates it requires to make to the Fitbit, time varies, but you require to investing plan around 20 minutes to wait for setups to complete.
The Versa 2 strikes a balance between everyday activity tracking and more comprehensive health details.
While the app is best for getting a more nuanced check out your stats, the watch screen itself reveals the principles (steps, heart rate, and calories burned) in addition to summaries after exercises.
Tailoring watch faces
Through the app, you can select in between various watch deals with to discover one that shows the details you care about lots of, but much of them werent appealing to me and I stuck with the default watch face. The real screen doesnt fill the front of the watch totally, nonetheless, I still discovered it to be big enough to display what I needed to see at a fast glance.
In basic, it seems like a solid, top-notch smartwatch, and it can withstand water, too. Swimmers and those who do not wish to eliminate their watch– even in the shower– will enjoy to understand the Versa 2 is waterproof around 50 meters.
Battery life
I was particularly amazed at the length of time the battery lasted– depending on your particular use, Fitbit states it can last as much as 6 days. Im typically an Apple Watch user however the battery dies at the most inconvenient times. With the Versa 2, there was no stressed out charge-up prior to a run, or skipping out on a night of sleep tracking while the device sat charging.
What does the Fitbit Versa 2 track? and how to individualize it
The Fitbit Versa 2 instantly tracks and records standard daily motion: steps taken, floorings climbed up, 24/7 and resting heart rate, and calories burned. Daily activity is offered on the watch screen, and info from previous days and patterns are shown in the app.
You can in the app your gadget will inform you when objectives are satisfied if youre to tailor it. I set my objective to 7,500 actions a day (instead of the default 10,000) and was satisfied with fireworks and a buzz on the screen when I reached it. It can likewise assist you from investing all the time taking a seat with suggestions to move, and it will keep you on track to strike 250 steps each hour, although I found this rather irritating when I remained in the middle of working.
The Versa 2 tracks heart rate continually throughout the day, whether youre working out or not, and you can examine it in real-time by methods of the smartwatch. The Fitbit app aggregates this data into everyday charts, breaks heart rate into zones (fat burn, cardio, and peak), tracks daily resting heart rate, and provides a Cardio Fitness Level, which is an estimate of your VO2 Max, and can be an indication of cardio health.

Sleep stats on the Fitbit app show how peaceful your rest really was.
Fitbits sleep tracking information hours slept, time asleep, and time in each sleep phase (awake, REM, light, and deep sleep), and graphs that reveal the exact times invested in these stages throughout the night. I discovered it to be precise as far as my sleep and wake time, and seems more delicate compared to other sleep trackers Ive utilized.
Blood oxygen levels, whats the offer?
While Fitbit doesnt show exact blood oxygen levels it does have a display screen for this, and the sleep tracking is where you can get a look. Rather of a number though, it supplies an Estimated Oxygen Variation that maps blood oxygen levels while sleeping. Its meant to be utilized as a tool to analyze for potential concerns like sleep apnea, nevertheless of course, its not actually a medical gadget.
For those who invest for a premium membership, youll also have access to data on sleeping heart rate and restlessness, aka just how much you move throughout the night. For a more thorough check out SpO2 levels, including real numbers, you can download a particular watch face for the Fitbit that will reveal your blood oxygen levels from the night prior.
Easy combination with apps and fundamental smartwatch benefits.
This is a smartwatch, not just a physical fitness tracker, so using apps and notices from your phone takes this an action above more essential wearables. The apps are restricted to whats easily offered within the Fitbit app, however there is really a reputable range of choices. Think: Calendars and maps, shops like Starbucks, Uber, and a variety of documents.
As a Spotify user, I appreciate the capability to use the watch app to toggle through tunes. Due to the fact that the Versa 2 does not link through cellular data by itself, youll still require to keep your phone close by to keep linked to the web while playing music or making use of apps.
The Versa 2 will show notices, calls, and texts from your phone nevertheless you can not react to phone call or compose text. , if you utilize an Android you can respond to texts utilizing a minimal choice of auto-replies that can be tailored within the app.. I generally have my phone on quiet so although I cant response or respond, I discovered the signals practical as a discrete technique to let me know I have a notice awaiting me.
I didnt use this feature nevertheless the Versa 2 works with Amazon Alexa and can be utilized as a wallet to spend for goods at locations that accept Fitbit Pay.
Include to carry?
The Fitbit Versa 2 is a smartwatch that stands apart when it pertains to tracking your health and wellness, and everything comes at an incredibly budget-friendly $179.99. There is a newer variation (the appropriately called Versa 3) that might be far better matched for those trying to find integrated GPS or wish to have the capability to react to telephone call from their wrist, nevertheless the $50 cost increase may not deserve it for all users.
If you do not mind that you arent making use of the latest variation (or simply desire to conserve some money) the Fitbit Versa 2 is a well-designed and well-priced physical conditioning tracker that offers easy-to-understand info about your activity.

Tracking your workouts.
The other considerable function of the Fitbit Versa 2 is workout tracking. Throughout my extremely first run, the Fitbit vibrated every couple of minutes with obviously no reason, nevertheless I later discovered I had heart rate zone informs switched on– helpful throughout some circumstances, nevertheless irritating in others.
For distance activities, its essential to note that the Versa 2 itself does not have its own GPS. Rather, it depends on your phone to help it track your area. While I take my phone with me throughout runs, those who go phoneless or desire to make use of the Versa 2 for swimming might find this to be a problem.
Throughout outside exercises, the screen stays dazzling enough to see even on bright days, and it stays illuminated throughout the whole exercise so statistics can be inspected in just a peek. Depending upon the activity, you can allow it to display your heart rate, speed, time, calories, range, or a mix of these. I like that I can set an objective for each workout, nevertheless, I was dissatisfied to see there was no rate goal to help me strike my miles quicker.
Sleep stats.
Another major function is Sleep Tracking. I prefer Fitbits integrated sleeping tracker over the Apple Watch, which is my usual go-to (Apple Watch needs a third-party app). As long as you use the watch to bed, it will quickly track your sleep practices.

The Fitbit app is needed in order to utilize the Fitbit, and its totally complimentary (a premium variation is used to acquire access to more features, however I didnt discover this essential). The apps are limited to whats easily offered within the Fitbit app, but there is really a pretty excellent range of choices.

Seeing Fitbit stats at a glance.

The Fitbit Versa 2 is a great entry level smartwatch for those who wish to track their fitness and do not mind not owning the current innovation.